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Automatic Ball Lollipop Packing Machine


Feature of machine:
1. Ball lollipop packing machine is an ideal choice for packing ball lollipop. It is featured with logical structure, easy operation, and good sealing etc.


2. This machine is mainly composed of automatic sorting device, packing paper color code auto tracking system, standard tongs, lollipop conveyor chain, paper packing device, packing knot, rotating plate device, and heat sealing knotting device.


3. With state-of-art technology, stable performance, and high performance cost rate, this machine not only could reduce labor cost, but also could increase the sanitary standard and packing quality of candy, which could considerably increase the production efficiency of the enterprise.


4. The color code tracking system of trademark corrector is controlled by microcomputer, and featured with correct and reliable operation, coordinated acting on paper feeding, wrapping paper, heat sealing, knotting etc.


5. This machine is good looking, neat and good sealing. The electric control system is equipped with photoelectric tracing circuit. When there is no candy at the start of the machine, the paper would stop at same time so that no paper is wasted.


6. This machine would pack the candy properly even in case of curled paper. With step motor, the paper feeding speed can be changed automatically according to the speed of the machine. With imported converter, PLC, rotary encoder, photoelectric switch and man machine interface, the machine is oriented design, easy operation and convenient repair.



1). PLC control
2). output:1000-2000kg/8h
3). CE certificate
4). warranty:1 year
Trim Remove Device: Can choose independent or connected method to rewind trim material, or use strong blower for non-adhesive material.


Web Guide: Suitable for slitting after slitting, can lever at printing line accurately to slit material.


Technical parameter:  
Power of main motor 0.75kw 380v
Power of brushing motor 4×60w 380v
Power of paper feeding motor 0.2kw 220v
Heating sealing pipe 0.15kw×6 24v
Air pressure 0.2-0.5Mpa
Output (According to standard shape candy) 1000-2000kg/8h
External dimensions (mm) 2500×900×1500
Weight (kg) 1200

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