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Narrow Slitting Machine


Rewind Drive: Two rewind motors and one main motor form three motors driven, main motor separates rewind material from unwind material, and rewind motor controls tension during operation to make product tension stable.


Winding mechanical parts: The machine can also be intermittent optional take-up idler pulley, a wider cut other materials. Way as the center and surface winding and used in rewinding the freedom to choose different materials applied.


Product take-up: can be equipped with slat-type air shaft and slip-style take up shaft for a wider range, specially designed for Axis mode, you can always be replaced.


Electric Control: Control panel with LCD touch screen for setting rewind method and operation condition, Control system is PLCunit with error detective system, which can automatically detect error.


Basic form of discharge: Siamesetype activities, base, installation of automatic edge devices to ensure stability of waste output side. Production well.


Optional Parts:
Trim Remove Device: Can choose independent or connected method to rewind trim material, or use strong blower for non-adhesive material.


Web Guide: Suitable for slitting after slitting, can lever at printing line accurately to slit material.

Machine Width : 300mm-600mm
Rewind Core I.D : 3″
Max. Unwind O.D : 800mm
Min. Slitting Width : 20mm
Max. Rewind O.D : 60mm
Machine Speed : 300M / Min

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